• The Do’s & Don’ts Of EOFY Party Planning

    Dark winter days have descended upon us but the Funny Guys crew are always ready to bring the laughs and brighten up your events. With June 30 around the corner there are plenty of reasons to smile – Mid Year Sales, Tax time and of course End Of Financial Year parties! Woohoo who doesn’t love […]


  • Tommy Little – First Gig/Worst Gig

      Whose Line Is It Anyway host, all round nice guy and top shelf stand up comedian, Tommy Little, talks about the dangers of the late night pub gig.  


  • How To Avoid Organising An Awkward Christmas Party

    So you’re planning the biggest social event of the year for your organisation. Feeling the pressure much? We can help. The Funny Guys crew have all MC’d and performed at loads of Christmas parties from local football clubs to squillion dollar fortune 500 company events. We know a thing or two about awesome corporate parties. […]


  • Moo-ney Doesn’t Mind Milking His Gags.

    If anyone was going to lift the spirits of Dairy Farmers it would be one of Australia’s sharpest corporate comedians, Lawrence Mooney. He did just that at a recent corporate event for Murray Dairy.   Hi Lawrence and Des, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for both your involvement in having Lawrence […]


  • Comedian Stories: First Gig/Worst Gig With Dave O’Neil

        Dave O’Neil’s pretty well done it all in Aussie comedy. Books, films, radio and TV. But everyone starts somewhere and everyone has bad days. Dave takes us back to his first gig and his worst gig.


  • Comedian Stories: First Gig/Worst Gig With Dave Hughes

    Australia’s most recognisable comedian may seem like a natural with his laid back Aussie charm – But even successful comedians have bad days too. What doesn’t break you makes you right?


  • Sam Kekovich – Boots In the Yarra – JYB SEN Radio

    It’s fair to say Sam Kekovich may have found the rigors and expectations of modern football a bit much for him to handle. Even in the 70’s he wasn’t a big wrap for the professional approach taken by the Kangaroos. That’s how a pair of Sam’s ankle high boots found their way into the Yarra. […]


  • Twinkletoes and the Western Oval.

    Lawrie Dwyer was one of the stars of the game in the 60’s and a brilliant guest on JYB. A champion ballroom dancer, the former Roo champ was nicknamed Twinkletoes. Any sledging from the outer was handled with the same style and grace he displayed on the dance floor. One of the true gentleman of […]


  • Frankie Peckett Gets Hit Below the Belt – JYB! SEN Radio

    Justin “Frankie” Peckett was a favourite of Saints fans throughout the 90’s and early 200’s. He’s also a JYB favourite for this story regarding his decision to have the snip in the lead up to football finals. Jesaulenko You Beauty!, with Andy Maher and Des Dowling, can be heard every Thursday between 1-2pm. Proudly sponsored […]


  • Alistair Lynch and the 10 Year Deal – JYB SEN Radio

    It was the deal that shocked the football world. When Brisbane Lions couldn’t lure Jason Dunstall they went after Alistair Lynch.  He spoke to Harf and Des Dowling on SEN Radio’s “Jesaulenko You Beauty!” Proudly sponsored by    


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