The Do’s & Don’ts Of EOFY Party Planning

Dark winter days have descended upon us but the Funny Guys crew are always ready to bring the laughs and brighten up your events. With June 30 around the corner there are plenty of reasons to smile – Mid Year Sales, Tax time and of course End Of Financial Year parties! Woohoo who doesn’t love a party that works pay for. Well when you’re the one who has to organise that party, the lead time is not quite so exciting. Lucky we’ve rounded up the top tips on ‘What
Not To Do’ and ‘What You Should be Doing’ for your End Of Year Financial Party.

5 Themes To Avoid For Your End Of Financial Year Party

1. Office Talent Show
The X-factor meets a work team building activity. There’s nothing risky about that. Who doesn’t want to see their colleague do a rendition of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking ball, or the IT guys not quite nailing a magic trick for 30 painstaking minutes. Let’s just hope your office has some talent.

2. DIY Breakfast Bake-Off
Have your team feeling like kings and queens buy putting on breakfast banquet fit for royalty. A luxurious breakfast is the perfect start to the day. Better yet, get your team to cook their own buffet dishes and bring them in to share. Take advantage of all the DIY and cooking activities that are so on trend right now – Your team will love cooking up a storm for their work party. You could even make it make it a competition and get the bosses to judge the winning dish.

3. Costume Party
Invite your office to wear white for a Winter Wonderland themed party, Everyone looks good in white. Or have a dress up as your colleague or boss costume party. This can only end well, after all ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. If these ideas don’t sound awkward enough, you could get your office to dress up as characters from The Office TV Show, or maybe that’s too close too home.

4. Staff Art Exhibition
Get your team’s creative juices flowing and hold an exhibition where staff create the artwork! Be sure to set the tone so everyone’s imaginations don’t run too wild. Create a unique overarching theme like ‘Courage’, ‘Leadership’ or ‘Agile’ to help inspire people. Auction off the pieces at your event and you can decorate the office with the leftover art.

5. ‘Survivor’ Theme Party
Bring some backstabbing and tropical heat to your winter party with an island Survivor inspired party and games. Divide staff into tribes, encourage skimpy attire, set some challenges and see who comes out on top and which losers get set home. Then celebrate with mocktails.

5 Things Every Work EOFY Party Needs

1. Surprise Element
The best types of EOFY work parties include a surprise element. Not the “Surprise! the company has been bought out” kind of surprise. Just a little added something that ups the energy of the party. A mystery activity or guest are perfect ways to thrill audiences. Enthral your guests with an entertaining comedian.

2. Yummy Food
Delicious food is always a winner and if all other efforts fails it can appease a grumpy crowd. Plus food is like the weather at work functions. If there’s nothing else to talk about the team can bond over the scrumptious pork belly sliders and exotic croquettes being served. Tasty appetizers are also a ticket to get out of awkward work conversations. “Hey Scott, look over there, there’s a tray of those pies you love!”, or “Excuse me, I’m starving and I’ve just seen the vegetarian food come out”. And bon appétit.

3. Entertainment & Good Vibes 
Sure work functions are a way to reward your staff and get them bonding. They’re also a way to show the world how awesome your company is. Hiring entertainment is the perfect way to do that. Now if that entertainment has a recognisable TV or radio star, well let’s just say your party planning cred has gone to next level status. Stay away from the NSFW, creepy, or raunchy entertainers and stick to the professionals who will have your guests laughing and singing your praises.

4. A Great Speech
An engaging speech is an effective way to unify and motivate people for the second half of the year. Easy? Certainly, just be sure your speaker avoids lame, unfunny jokes, firey, mouth-spitting emotion, overuse of business buzzwords, woeful metaphors and awkward, slightly nervous delivery. Yep, giving a speech that captivates a crowd is no tall order. So consider hiring a professional speaker. A comedian or MC can craft an entertaining speech that also incorporates themes and ideas you’d like to convey to your team.

5. Humour
Who doesn’t enjoy having a laugh? Laughter comes easily right? However the wrong type of humour can have detrimental effects in the workplace. The right humour for your event will have your guests buzzing with delight afterwards. Don’t let your team hang about telling the same old jokes this end of financial year party. Call in a pro comedian to bring the funny to your event.

End Of Financial year parties are an excellent way to boost morale and reinvigorate the team. Add some mouth watering food, laughs and some surprise entertainment you’ve got a smashing EOFY party in the making.

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