The Nelson Twins

Billed as the funniest identical twins on earth, The Nelson Twins have made a big impact in their relatively short time on the Australian comedy scene.

Razor sharp gags and innate timing, only twins can have, is what makes them such a rare act.

The boys from Walbundrie proved one of the smash hits of this year’s Australia’s Got Talent series on Channel 7. Danny Minogue asked them why they weren’t household names yet. Well its only a matter of time.

From they moment they walk on stage they have audiences eating out of the palm of their hands. The laughing starts before they’ve even opened their mouths.

They’ve been on the NRL Footy Show, appeared on US TV, and had audiences convulsing with laughter wherever they go.

They’ve smashed their way through  every major comedy club in every major capital city.

If you’re into beards and bawdy banter, then the Nelson Twins are for you.

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