Nude Runs, Puns and Pads at the Peanut Farm

After a three year hiatus Melbourne’s favorite charity cricket game, Batting For The Battlers, returned to St Kilda’s famous, and at times infamous, Peanut Farm Oval.

Lining up were many of Melbourne’s favorite comedians including, Dave Hughes, Russell Gilbert and Des Dowling, alongside the likes of Wayne Carey, Matthew Richardson, Tottie Goldsmith, Adam Zwar, Sam Pang, Garry Sweet, Rob Taylor and Steve Curry.

The weather gods obliged with perfect cricket weather the game, as usual was a close one.

Highlights of the day, in no particular order.

Gilbo copping a short ball to the chin which actually drew blood, prompting Hughesy to call for a helmet, not for Gilbo but for himself.

The big hitting from Tropfest winner and Balibo star, Damon Gameau.

The middle aged, overweight and rather hairy male streaker who brought the crowd to its feet late in the game with a run down the pavilion wing.

Former Richmond star Matthew Richardson bringing the aforementioned streaker down with a blinding tackle on the nude man’s tackle.

The eventual winners were the Veg Out team but the Vineyard combo was hardly disgraced with Wayne Carey, batting without pads if you don’t mind, almost stealing the game with some big hitting in the final overs.

No doubt the Vineyard team will return to avenge the loss next year.

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