Box Hill Almost Goes Up in Flames

Dave O'Neil and friends at the hotter than expected Box Hill gig

Box Hill Cricket Club’s Funny Guys comedy night on Saturday night (29-1-11) was a hot one, literally.

The pre-gig BBQ culminated with two women wielding fire extinguishers as they put out the ten foot (alright one foot) flames sending plumes of smoke into the night sky.

With no harm done Melbourne comedians Dave O’Neil, Troy Kinne, Des Dowling and Karl Chandler did what they were hired to do, entertain the packed clubrooms.

Kinne did his usual brilliant job as MC, Chandler’s lobbed one liners like hand grenades and Des Dowling discovered the girl up the front’s name was Penelope Cleghorn much to everyone’s amusement.

Dave O’Neil arrived straight from Dracula’s Theatre Restaurant where he was filming a segment for Adam Hill’s new ABC Talk show and brought the night home with half an hour of his best.

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